Chasing Sleep

If your looking for success, it would be wise to understand how you would define it.  My success is totally different from the next mans.  Some people look for money and the ability it has to offer them a sense of freedom.  While others may hold onto a more sentimental aspect of success.  It could be spiritual, it could be a number of things.  We cannot continue to chase the values of success through others. That would not be success at all but someones version of it. To first be successful, one must absolutely understand what success means for them.

It’s weird, I have been having trouble sleeping lately and thats because as each day passes my dreams of success get louder preventing me from sleeping.  They keep me up in the early mornings night ( you never stayed up so late that when you actually fell  sleep at 6 or 7 AM its still considered the previous night?) echoing for me to do something.  Most of the time I try to figure out what it is that I need to do and remain comfortable in my place of thought instead of actually putting it into action.

So tonight I try something different.  I am reading up on what needs to happen.  So that when I have the urge to put plans into action I would know exactly how things should more or less work.  Its not a competition but, I can’t help that someone out there is getting a head start on me, moreover I can’t stand the thought these last couple of days that I am not doing enough to put myself in a place to make a dream reality.  So I am up like pinky and the brain trying to figure out how to take over the world.  I have a lot of work to do, and the more that I see what needs to happen, the better position I will be in to take said actions.

So for all you out there that is trying to accomplish something, make sure that at some point in your day you make an effort to put out what you want to receive.  Even if its working on a vision board, or a mentally preparing, plan drawing, whatever you have to do that will get you a step closer.  If it is true indeed on what they say, the universe will conspire to your needs.  So be careful of what you wish for, thoughts can be a manifestation of your reality.  What ever it is that you want just make sure that you go out there and get it.


14 responses to “Chasing Sleep

  1. Thanx for this. It combines well with a post I read and re-blogged.
    Good luck and I hope you are able to get some sleep soon.

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  2. Unfortunately this photo is not mine found this on Pixabay. But yes I struggle to often with trying to find a way to move forward. But I am poised and determined to figure it out. And I hope the rest of you out there are too.

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  3. Still trying to catch that dream, im sleeping minimally but hopefully everything will pay off sooner or later even if it takes me until im in y late 90’s 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Ill have to check out your page.

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  4. Thank you so much. I am working hard towards it, I just need to do it. So I am trying to not worry about the smaller things that aren’t in order and just push forward. Its funny how easy it is to say and how hard it is to put into action.

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  5. You’re welcome.
    It’s the right thing to do. And. Also not to think too much. Overthinking leads to paralysis. If you never try you never know.
    There is always something else that could be better but if we keep looking at details… We miss the whole experience.
    Good luck!

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  6. “…make sure that at some point in your day you make an effort to put out what you want to receive…” Excellent advice. I need to put this into practice — well, once I decide what it is I want out of life.

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  7. You’re absolutely right! It’s like me continually saying I want to be a successful writer and blogger, but I’m not doing anything on a daily basis to actually achieve this…Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to take at least one small step.


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