Me Vs. Me

Inspiration Call:Tell this story using the phrase, ” Sometimes you have to come out punching.”

Photo Credit|Photo Credit: Corbis Royalty Free Photos

Photo Credit| Corbis Royalty Free Photos

I couldn’t fathom why a  boxing ring would be placed in my dreams every night. Pitch black all around-red, white, and blue ropes forming a perfect square around me.  A stool in the corner with a pale .  No one else is there but me.  I keep waiting for an opponent to show up, then I start to think that maybe the opponent is me in this dream.  And its not a boxing match that the ring symbolizes but the battle that rages in me.  The ones that makes the decisions, actions, that battle of thinking before I speak, controlling the passion that lays deep.  In this dream I’ve come to understand that its all about me and what I choose to take ownership of. “Sometimes you have to come out punching”


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