The Governing Body

If any one knows me, I mean really knows who I am inside and out, they would find that I ultimately believe in being your individual self.  We are in a world where we sometimes value what we see in others before we value what we have in ourselves.  I think that the beauty in learning oneself is noticing who you are, what you are, how you are- and pulling bits and pieces of everything that you like in others, to more or less round you out.  Ultimately we are always working on building the best you/us, as we are constantly changing from the knowledge that we gain everyday.

I never really realized how I learned things.  For whatever reason I believed that I just knew already, it was a no brainer.  However, it is my experiences that have taught me to understand and be the person I am today.  I really wanted to talk about perception of people in my post.  My disclaimer: I know who I am and I knew how I came off to people but never really cared about what peoples thoughts of me were, because there thoughts could not come close for me to redefine myself. Thus I will not change to conform to someone else’s identity of me, but my own, for those who didn’t like it -give me freedom or give me death.  You cant change what you don’t own.

Its funny, I expect people to know me just as well as I know me. They should know by now that I don’t like giving advice.  I believe that in the event that I give advice to someone, it allows them to detract from what they know they already want to do.  (because we already know don’t we, why are we looking for approval from others to act how we want).  So I would make it a point to always put the emphasis on me.  I know this makes it looks like I am this selfish person only making the situation about me, however I can only inform you how I would do something.  It doesn’t make any other way to do something wrong.  I feel that if I give you an example of what I would do, you would only look deeper into self to figure out how you want to approach something.

Thus, you are controlling you.  And my advice would be just that mine.  You would still have to make up your mind about what you need to do I guess its all about figuring out what you want, and being ok with it- no one else can do as much  its like the saying they can only bring you to the water but they cant make you drink it.  The goal is all about owning you.  When you are happy with yourself you can inspire others to be happy and you will have a world of dreamers that are becoming their dream.  At that point there would be nothing to stop you and you would realize that it is you that has control over what you do.  Not your job, not your friends, not society telling how you should be.  Its just you.

I hate to say it this way but when you are born-you’re born alone, when you learn, you learn alone, and when you die, you die alone.  It is the courage and commitment to yourself and your beliefs that stand alive for people to build memories of this great character that you symbolize.  Sometimes what people say to you sticks to your rib and you sit there just feeling like wow I need to change.  Don’t be the change that someone else wants to see, be the change that you want to see.  You will be able to appreciate it more and probably will have a better group of people circling you because they actually like who you are and what you bring to the table.

As we learn and grow there are bound to be some moments of displeasure, discomfort, and we let anxiety get the best of us but all it really is-is growing pains.  For someone to appreciate you at your best, they should definitely appreciate you at your worst.  How can someone appreciate your growth and your journey if they were never there to witness your trial. A journey that we all have to travel.  But please I beg you, do not govern your body, your mind, and your soul on behalf of the new fad on television, on your need to want to be with the cool kids or the in crowd. It is our differences that really make this world of ours beautiful and if you stay tuned in enough just to watch it you will be able to see all of the beautiful attributes people bring and the efforts of the countless fruits that will be bared because of it.

Just be you, have the courage to show what you are all about and I’m sure you will warrant an response that was unimagined.  Just keep in mind you cant please everyone just like everyone cannot please you.  Be yourself and stay true.

God Bless


6 responses to “The Governing Body

  1. You have a lot of insight into not only your own personality, but the world in general. I loved what you said about paying attention to the world around and how it’s our differences that makes it a beautiful place. I also agree 150% that we each have a journey to take to figure out who we are. I don’t think we can really be whole as individuals until we do that.

    Unfortunately for some of us (and I’m so guilty of this myself), we get in the habit of using people for mirrors because we DON’T know who we are. So we end up wearing a hundred different hats for a hundred different people.

    When that’s the case, I think it can be helpful to get some outside help to point you in the right direction to start you on that journey. I had to. And though I sometimes fall back into old behaviors, at least now I KNOW when I’m doing that and that it’s not good for me.

    The journey to find oneself, who you are, what you’re made of, what you want in life… It’s not for the faint hearted as you know so well. But you are a wonderful example of a person who makes it a point to know himself well and act on what he needs. I admire that about you.

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  2. It seems so selfish of me to do that though…and that is really not the intention I cant give what I don’t have though. Sometimes its hearing about these experiences from people that need advice that actually makes me grow. I know others are different though so I gotta learn how to work them a little better. Thanks for sharing your insights they are always appreciated.

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  3. For a person who does not like to give advice, there is so much wisdom and insight here that I would pay attention if you were giving me advice. I wish I had known this when I was a teenager, but I probably wouldn’t have paid attention. I wanted to belong, so I mirrored other people. The things I did to be part of the “cool” crowd just got me headed down the wrong path for a long time.

    Be your best self is how I now live. And I try not to give advice unless asked. Like you, I often share from personal experience. But, I am not perfect. Once in a while, I let unsolicited advice fly. I could smack myself when I do that.

    I have been away from your blog for too long. I have a lot of catching up to do, and I will be back later. Unfortunately, like most days, I have to go walk the dogs (now) and then head out for a few hours. I don’t often make it back to my blogging until somewhere between 9 and 11 p.m. Sigh…

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  4. Thanks for commenting, and I would really appreciate you checking my blog out. I have slowed down rapidly as you say I have so many things that I am trying to balance, and the fact is I just don’t want to write anything anymore I want to write about something that means something to me and maybe move others. I don’t know gotta a long list of things that I want to do and this is the task thats next on the list. Thanks again for the comment and I do hope to see you around. I think I will make Saturday my catch up day and hopefully I can feel inspired enough with ideas to write more. After all that is the goal. Hope you and your dogs have a great walk and definitely well be in touch 🙂


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