Every once in a while one must take inventory.  Reflections of themselves and make what ever necessary adjustments and move on.  There are all types of people in this world, I maybe more so a dreamer, I hope to never stop dreaming, but there comes a time when you have to put your dreams into action.  Standing by idle is a sickness, laziness can be very contagious.  How do you break this cycle?

Well I wish I had the answers for you.  I guess you just have to get up and do something.  I guess this is what they mean when they say owning you, is hard work and a grind.  Never an area that doesn’t need to be work on.  Since we are growing everyday, I guess that leaves room for improvement in many others.

I had to write something today.  Kind of slacked last week trying to get some things in order.  They have not come to fruition just yet but I am hoping that I will get things right here shortly.  Lately work has gotten me busy so I haven’t been able to read most post that I follow or discover anything new.  I have slacked in my poetry writing and am left wanting more from my writing, so I am trying to figure that out too.

Which is why I shower you with this random post of nothing.  I guess the point of working on writing and perfecting your craft is to just find a way to write, but I am getting to that point where I just don’t want to write anything.  I don’t want to offend any one either with some of my thoughts so I am not sure of writing about things that I would like.  But after all this is why I started this blog.  To learn how to be free with me and my thoughts.  To argue, debate, have dialogue and learn from those willing to stick around for my inner battles.

Any who I hope that you all have enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week.  And I ask you one question.  How are you trying to accomplish your dreams today…better yet this week?


30 responses to “Reflection

  1. You know thats absolutely how you and I and I’m sure many of us feel at the time we are traveling. But Im telling you theres never been an end of a rainy day without a little sunshine. 🙂

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  2. I think you should be courageous and go ahead and explore some of those things you’re afraid may offend or upset others. Just work on the delivery as well as the subject matter. Don’t give up.

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  3. Put it out there. We will be here. Sometimes just showing up is important. Keep sowing seeds in good weather and in bad. We never know which ones are going to sprout and grow. Good to see you

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  4. Thanks for that comment my friend, I appreciate this so much. It’s really all about people helping people no reason why your dream can’t come true and I’m sure it will. I sure hope mine will too, but I will have to put in the work.

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  5. I am finding that there are some things that I was working on that were not my path and was getting worn out trying to go a direction that was not for me. The root of my dream is eternal but its shape keeps changing which is airight. I let go of some stuff cause I could not get to where I was going holding on to how I imagined it.

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  6. You know I totally understand what your saying unfortunately I haven’t been able to shake the Vision and move forward outside of my minds vision. I totally get it I’m am keeping my prayers together for that

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  7. That is a beautiful photo!

    I try to commit to writing every day, but that isn’t always possible and it isn’t always on my blog. Sometimes it is just in my poetry journal. And it isn’t always poetry, but random thoughts or ideas that haven’t come together.

    I always appreciate what you write, even when you think you are just being random. I heard somewhere that you have to turn your dreams into goals to make them happen. Maybe that is the action you are talking about. I try to never give up on something I feel passionate about. Other things I try to do that get in the way of what I really want to do sometimes have to be put aside for good. Choices. Priorities.

    I am terrible at managing my time. Keeping up with reading blogs is really hard to do. Don’t stress about it.

    I love your comment line. Live out loud and free. Exist boldly – that is a dream worth aspiring to.

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  8. If you feel Ike not writing , it’s ok. If you overcame your concerns and came here when you felt ready, it’s also ok.
    What’s not ok is to feed fear of judgement. I know we all do, so I speak from experience, instead of a textbook. We are here, we follow you, so, go ahead and write what you want. We are reading what’s unique to you so why would that offend anyone?
    And by the way, with a photo like that, how can you and I not get inspired?
    Blog on. I’m reading.

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  9. Thank you for you kind words. You are right that is a beautiful photo Found it on pixabay. They have some good stuff there. Really appreciate you being here and expressing your thoughts. That is all I want to invoke through my writing questions, conversation, and thoughts.

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  10. Yeah I guess I just demand so much of myself at times and its just difficult with all my wants needs and desires pushing me in different way that you just become stagnate. I need to be better and this blog was a step towards that goal so when I cant contribute I just feel like a piece of me went to not going through with a goal I set for myself. I am so happy you like the comment line, this is my CREDO and hopefully my business mission statement


  11. Oh I don’t think I will ever stop writing, but I hate when I miss a day. Its almost like that saying someone is getting better while you sleep. Im trying to be great even in my sleep. I need to keep moving


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