People Helping People

Everybody wants to save the world.  Leave their mark and be remembered.  I keep asking myself for what.  Is it the prestige associated with such acts.  Is it the notoriety, the sense of power?  I question these things because  I hear someone speak while running for something such as district attorney, congress, and or some senate seat, they always seem to be calculated.  I wonder if they study this with their speech writers and are told this is what you should say to have a good standing in this race.

When will the truth ever be known.  I mean if these officials are elected because of us, why don’t they talk to us like human beings.  I want to hear some one that is passionate about helping people.  Isn’t that what its all about in the end.  People helping people?  I am tired of herring rhetoric, and regurgitated philosophy of what winning looks like aren’t you?

I am wondering why people don’t care about elections.  Well not everybody but out of all the people in the world its really a small fraction that votes.  Is that because they sense that things won’t change or is it because they feel that their vote doesn’t matter, most importantly for the minorities, I vote and i will continue to vote because there were so many before me that died to try to have the right and I would be doing a great disservice to those who afforded me some of the opportunities that I and some of my family have.

I don’t want to hear about being american, and what it means to be american, I don’t know if that is blasphemous against our country or flag, but lets talk about your ideas about how you plan to make this a better place.  Lets talk about how you will motivate the people to stand up for what we all believe in to be the change we want to see.  Lets talk about something other than what something looks like or broken promises on things that we can’t deliver.  Why can’t someone say, this is what I would like to do and in order to do that I will need xy and z from you.

Its funny I have witnessed something that is supposed to be important to people the special election for a DA and the community does not show up to hear what the candidate has to say.  I guess its not their fault there wasn’t a good amount of publicity about this meeting, but there were no news reporters there, no nothing to share with the people what was being said.  Some times the challenge isn’t the opponent standing across from you, they have great ideals that they would like to present on the best way moving forward, but the challenge comes from the people.

Our tax dollars are paying for these elected officials to lead and all they seem to do at times is manipulate and circumvent issues.  The american dream may be slipping away and its not televised.  Does this make it a revolution or is it the evolution of people just not caring about the world our seeds and their seeds will grow up in.

Its really sad, I asked how do I get all the information to fact check whats going on, where can I go to find out if what one person is saying is actually true.  Instead of the sound of it.  I am struggling to give a damn about my community and at timesI wonder if we can really make a difference.

This is just my opinion of course from the one time that I decided to be involved and listen.  I found the experience to be very interesting and well lets see if theres more of these moments.

Thanks for hearing me out on the rant.


5 responses to “People Helping People

  1. Not a rant. Well thought out and certainly echoes what most people feel, I’m betting. “I am tired of herring rhetoric, and regurgitated philosophy of what winning looks like aren’t you?” THAT is a huge mouthful right there.

    I do think it’s discouragement that keeps people from the polls. Especially when you stop and think that while a person might actually be elected by the general populace, the electoral college can change that in one fell swoop.

    Great post.


  2. Yeah that is true, but don’t we put those people in office in the first place. My mom use to tell me when I got in trouble, ” I brought you in this world, I can take you out”
    I mean we brought them in and some point we definitely can make that change.

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  3. That’s an excellent question. I sometimes wonder if we’ve been bamboozled into thinking nothing we do will make a difference so we just give up. Speaking of nominal voters here. My son swears we’ve all just become sheeple. I often think he might be right.

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  4. Its funny that at the end of the day its so easy to feel like you or society does not have the control perceived. Everything that is done can be so easily undone by laws that are sneaked in with these votes.

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  5. Amen to that. I often think folks can get elected with all the right motives, but it doesn’t seem like it takes very long for them to fall into the party line rather than actually listening to their constituents.

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