Today’s form: haiku

Your prompt: water

A murky puddle or a glistening lake. Amniotic fluid or your grandfather’s glass of Seltzer. A bath, a hose, an oasis. Let’s start this course with a poetic homage to H2O: today’s word prompt is water.
Looking for a more formal challenge? The first poetic form we explore in Writing 201 is the sashimi of poetry, 17 syllables into which we fold the essence of sound and meaning: haiku.

The structure of haiku is preset for you: three lines containing five, seven, and five syllables, respectively:

Natures Change

Reflections exist
in waters change be it gas
ice, snow, fog, or rain.


2 responses to “Today’s form: haiku

  1. Why thank you. I didn’t get it the way I wanted but I guess this will have to do for now. I may return and try to fit it the way that I envisioned.

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