Dreams Be Still

I ponder words you speak
bathe and soak-in
emotions that breathe
conceptions misconception
the miseducation of feelings rite
like a flower blossoming in favor
of summer reign
I depend on you
like soil
to seasons change
hoping that you return
replenishing again
yet again
I beg
Lord forgive me for I am weak
give me the strength
to find what I seek
my days are long and my will lies
failures result
warped fatigue
lost-in achievements feats
I have big dreams but I’m tired of
rhetorics same ole speech
when will I allow myself to be free
Ideals are nothing without drive
to compete
mind over matter
I sharpen skills
the outer shell is
the eternal ocean rages uncertain
choppy waves impatiently waiting
calling out currents- be still
or forever lose the light house
direction at will
like lost clouds storming over
natures fields
owning life yet still
can’t predict
the outcome of its acts
forever wrapped in the
evolution of earth
oceans rolling tide could be
the strongest force
unlike birth
I search for serenity’s reflection
treasures of my angels
search of inherited skills
that permits one to be fruitful and happy
giving all, surrendering souls to the unknown
heights of love
hopeful in faiths turnaround
one patiently waits
if only the missing element
will begin exhales sealing my fate
my cries will pray out to all whom listen
my tithes are tears wrapped in offerings
seeds yet to be planted
in this life or the next
for those wandering
consuming eyes


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