Real Eyes

I could tell you things you want to hear

soft whispers in your ear

opening up about past times,


comparing you to light’s reflection

imprinted with manifestations

of sublime shadows

luxuriating eternal gism


emotions elevated journey in flight ,

butterflies sitting on top of skin

drinking nectar produced from heartbeats

random adrenaline dream.

But I am not

I could sell you on possibilities

the difference between you, me and he’s

but be mindful

fore I am not your history

or past lives

I could care less about winning you over

with creative tongue’s,

Kama sutra’s sensual technique,

tantric euphoria,

or what most consider a woman’s special place.

In the end I am all about me getting the most out of you

for me

and thats real

I want you to do you, so I can do me, together

at best, the true definition of we

time will tell if we were meant to be

there will be hard times full of mystery

overwhelmed by the constant test of

selfish wants and needs that we’ll decline

just to establish our own insecure wants and corrupt thoughts

on how one should be

in the end should “we”


it will be because I never gave up on you being you

or you-me


18 responses to “Real Eyes

  1. Do you brother. True selfishness is righteousness. It is our desire to be. All else is reaching for the Real in the wrong direction. Base appetites or hiding or manipulation wont satiate the soul’s hunger. I hope you become we. How rare two souls really meet. Nice to meet you. Be Groovy!

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  3. “I want you to do you, so I can do me, together at best, the true definition of we”

    What a wonderful thing to be selfish about. In the middle of your poems you just drop these little gems. Beautiful. That’s the way a relationship should be.

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  4. You know its easier said than done. Every once in a while when I’m stumped I have to just reflect what I believe and move accordingly. I can’t take from you and you can’t take from me but we definitely can find a way in this world where we can find a way to put it all together. I really do respect the individuality of people. If i wanted someone to be and act like me…well I could stay at home and enjoy myself all day haha.

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  5. Reblogged this on tripleclicka and commented:
    I love to think and I love to read what makes me think, but every once in a while, I read something that hits me in such a way that I can just sit back and focus on what it made me feel, thought isn’t necessary because it’s just right there… done for me and it isn’t often that I forget to string myself up in searching for something, but when it happens every part of myself is relaxed, some kind of peace…

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  6. This is one of the best poems I have read. You describe what “should be” so eloquently and what is perfect reflection of the picture – two people whose form complements each other creating a dance. I am guessing that photo is a piece from Alvin Ailey – one of my favorite dance companies.

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  7. Thank you so much. I am very happy that you enjoyed. You guessed right the photo is a piece form Alvin Ailey. My wife is a dancer/musical theater performer. I thought this picture would really connect the piece. Happy to see that it is well received.

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  8. I am extremely honored and excited that I was able to create something for you to connect with in such a way. I must agree I love to think and read. I most definitely feel overwhelmed with this response because this is truly how I wish people reading all of my writings could feel. I am trying to be humble but my heart is dancing on the inside 🙂

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  9. Very true, and I would get bored after a while, no one to show me something different when I’m tired of doing the same things and need a new breath of life.


  10. Love the moral lesson behind this poem. It reminds of a quote I came across elsewhere on the internet: “How can we expect to make another person happy if we can’t first be happy just within ourselves?” 😊 You also have some stunning imagery in here Sir. I really liked the line about butterflies on skin drinking nectar made from heartbeats. Very interesting visual.

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  11. Thank you so much. I tried to think of all the lovely things that we experience or hope to experience when building something new. Butterflies had to be captured. I am happy you enjoyed.


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