Have You Ever Talked To An Angel

I remember when I was younger watching paranormal shows, I can’t quite remember the names of the series but I do remember that Morgan Freeman was the voice. He has such a great voice for this type of show. Anyway those shows would always depict God or leave an impression that a voice thundering down from the heavens was directly speaking with you. The cinematic images envisioned the skies voluminous clouds parting, with the sun kissing the clouds and peeking through for just enough rays of sun-light to directly land on its subject and have Morgan Freeman’s voice ever so gently address said subject.

This vision of mine received this valiant and commanding message and ultimately jolted my thought, questioning why hasn’t God spoken to me? I remember begging repeatedly for a moment of clarity, knowing that this message would be similar to what I have seen on that boob tube and we would have the worlds greatest discussion about the life of a 10 year old. (Kinda weird I know but hey this was one of my dreams). This dream however never really happened, at least the the way that I had thought it would. Because of this I became angry crying out to god personally questioning, oh why won’t you speak to me like you have spoken to countless others on that magical screen of images. ( I was also fascinated how the television actually was able to show us these images).

Im sure some would have thought me to be crazy if they knew what I was really trying to accomplish. But you see I wasn’t dreaming, I was wide awake. I wholeheartedly believed that God was out there and he was wanting to talk to me. I was wanting. I believed in God, his angels, hell, demons, and I just wanted to have my moment where he acknowledged that he knew me and the conversation we could have had would’ve have been grand. I believe in paranormal gifts bestowed upon those that can handle it and I wanted to hold that torch (don’t ask my why I guess another random weird kid moment of thinking)

Any who your probably wondering why am I sharing this rant, this beautiful yet disappointing memory? Well I just read “The Fifth Mountain” again by Paulo Coehlo. Sometimes when you need a little bit of spiritual rejuvenation its good to have your go to. And this book talks of a story of a man that was troubled and wavered in faith but was obedient to God and spoke with his angels and prayed daily. It just took me back to that moment where I wanted to talk to God, then I was like I’ll settle for an Angel, to damn someone anybody good or bad just holler at the kid one time PLEASE!

But it brought me back to the realization that I do actually believe that there are angels out there somewhere, and again I had that child like urge to try and communicate, yet nothing for me. Any way this story always connects me with my childhood and makes me want to have that same relationship with God, with my angels, while I’m going through something. I do believe that everything around you could be something you hear, or see is happening for a reason hold it take it with you and see if you can use what you just learned in the future.

But any way all this to ask, Do any of you believe in angels? I mean they may be among us just not as we expected them to look or be. But if you do believe in angels, do you even know why? If you don’t, do you know why you don’t? Maybe its just a fantasy of mine that I am having to be able to just speak with a supernatural being that is all about helping you grow however that may be in whatever part of your journey your in. I tell you this though every once in a while my damn noodles are being flipped trying to figure out why my angel is ignoring me.

Maybe I am listening to hard and need peace of mind and thoughts to be still in order to really get what I search for. Am I being ignored? I guess if that conversation should ever happen, the one that I am so impatiently waiting for I would have a lot to say. And would probably sound crazy any way. I look forward to your comments though and hope I don’t seem to crazy to you.

Thanks for taking a journey on another one of my random thoughts.



6 responses to “Have You Ever Talked To An Angel

  1. I met an angel once in an accident on the highway. I think there are angels and answers all around us. We just need to learn to look for them.

    Wanted to leave you this quote: “…every happening, great or small,
    is a parable whereby God speaks to us; and the art of life is to get the message.” Malcolm Muggeridge

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  2. you are not crazy and angels are real and encounter with them are real , we just don’t know enough, read more on angels, ask God to open beyond your physical eyes and you will be amazed by the company of angels daily servicing hiers

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  3. Thank you for this. Really, thank you I’ve almost given up on this. I will take your advice and read more on angels and try to have my conversation.


  4. You see I thought of this aspect before, and thought maybe I am just not noticing. The book I read, at one point stated and I paraphrase- God was using him as his angel to deliver a message. So I believe in that concept, guess I just have to try and realize where messages are really coming from. This is why you cannot shun anyone. You never know where that message is coming from. Love the quote. Thanks for sharing that as well. I will have to hold this quote close to the heart. I have hope that my angel is will talk to me. Guess I have to do more work.


  5. What you say about God using someone to deliver a message is very true. Our English word for “angels” is the Romanized version of the Greek word “angellos.” And though we translate the original Greek word as “angel”, it can also be translated as “messenger”, that is the means or medium of communication.

    When scripture mentions angels, it’s always in the context of them bringing a message for someone. In the gospels it was Mary, Joseph, Zacharias… So keep your eyes open, friend. You never know when you may be entertaining angels unaware!

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  6. “You never know when you may be entertaining angels unaware!” and the truth shall set you free. thanks for your comments.


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