Blogging Awards.

You know I use to think that awards for blogging was people randomly just taking a quick glance at what you post and saying hey I like this, I need to award someone anyway and there you have it…but I feel honored to receive the following awards from my fellow writers who have enjoyed tasting the poems the random thoughts and just connecting with my work in some kind of way.  So I just wanted to have an epic post of awards that I have received since I have not stayed on them like I should have.  And I hope you enjoy the post. First up

versatileTHE RULES: Show the award on your blog. Thank the person who nominated you. Share 7 facts about yourself. Nominate 15 blogs. Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

So I must start out by thanking Kats Scribbles| Where Chaos Gives Birth To Poetic Expressions, Wisdom’s Quill| I Desire To Inspire Through The Fire Within My Pen, and Mischief managed aka Mélange Of Musings| All About Good Times, Great Books, and Peerless fashion I am honored that you all have come by and appreciated something in my words.  I do hope that it continues and we become great friends in art, passion, and words.  I do humbly thank you.

Now for the 7 Facts

1.  I absolutely hate editing and correcting grammar.  Check my writing sometimes it happens or maybe it doesn’t even happen at all.

2. I am a big Oakland Raider Fan, Golden State Warrior Fan, don’t really watch baseball that much but if I did you guessed Oakland A Fan.

3.  I love to Sing if i got trained I might actually be good.  However I only know how to sing the parts to songs I really like, not the whole jammy .

4. My Favorite Author is Paulo Coelho very inspiring story Teller Love the Alchemist, The Fifth Mountain and the Zahir

5.  Writing is my love if I can find how to do it the way I want and get paid the way I want, well maybe just handle the bills for the things I want I would be all in.  But you never know you might find a product of mine out there one day.

6.  Biggest goal is to live by my credo: Live Out Loud And Free…Exist Boldly.  Want to give others an opportunity to share their voice.  Look for the publishing company hopefully supplying a book store or internet connection close to you!

7. I am totally different in person than I am in my writing.  If I had to say which was the real me…well I guess both but I kinda like my voice in my writing.  In person sometimes my thoughts get away to quick and probably say things I shouldn’t.  I am so inappropriate.

Well besides the great folks that enjoyed my writing I guess its time for the nominees|  I know its a lot of work to put these awards together but I do hope that  you enjoy the nomination feel free to take the compliment and run 🙂

1. The Schizo Effect|My Favorit Color Is No Pants

2. Creative Talent Unleashed| Raja’s Insight

3. Death By Expectations| Emotions Made Poetry

4. YOU’RE WATCHING A DREAM| you’re not the dreamer

5. My Own Private Idaho|My thoughts are colourful fast-moving screensaver’s slides show with badly connected international radio playing in the background…

6. Chester Maynes| Poetry and Poems

7. Pearls Before Swine|”because truth is stranger than fiction”

8. Retkon Poet| Revolution 2.0

9. Faraday’s Candle| It’s an amazing world…lets go exploring

10. THE UNEXPECTED JOURNEY| Travels of a wandering mind

11. Double U| The Journey of John White, writer

12. Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger| where writing is a performance art and every post is a show

13. Alicia Anabel Santos|Author, Writing Coach, Playwright, Director and Producer who believes vulnerability is the heartbeat of storytelling!

14. The Poetry of Photography

15. the eleventh letter.|… such a paradox, isn’t she?


Now on to the second award I must send thanks to Karyn~TALES OF A YOUNG BUDDHIST TRAVELER~|CASTING OFF THE BOWLINES AND SAILING AWAY FROM THE SAFE HARBOR.  Again I thank you since I started my blog I didn’t know what to do what I was going to talk about and make it all work but bloggers such as yourselves have made it easy for others to find me and for that I am extremely appreciative.  I hope to continue to post things both of you will be able to rock with and inspire as always.

So getting into 11 random facts about me…I guess they have to be different from those above so let  me see here what else am I about…

1.  Definitely believe in the art of being oneself.  Please do not define me and put me in a box and I hope that you won’t do that to yourself as well

2.  I love to be around people and be social but I guess thats when Im out…once I’m in I just want to chill marinate about the house and enjoy family.  (guess I’m really trying to tell you I’m totally off the chain once I’m outside these walls)

3. I stopped reading for a while because I thought that I was taking from other great writers in my writing.  I had a teacher tell me that writers steal from each other all the time.  Doesn’t mean they plagiarize.

4. More of a  creative writer but want to work on my journalistic abilities.

5. Love photography…if any one wants to help me stay on point send me a shout!

6. I am French Brazilian and Indian and a slew of other things, sometimes its annoying when people ask if your a color. Know who you are.

7. People make the world go round love being around people who love to be themselves and express it.  Its a wonderful sight to see that type of passion.

So now for the Nominees, this will be tricky I have to see 11 people that have under 200 followers let me get my magnifying glass and get to work whats that investigative life like…well it looks like I am having a hard time really figuring that aspect out but I will get back to you when I figure this out.  I will just add as I move forward.



6 responses to “Blogging Awards.

  1. “I am totally different in person than I am in my writing.”
    I appreciate this observation. It’s true of me also. It may be true of everyone.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Never really thought about how others would be in person compared to their writing. Makes for interesting individuals


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