The Fire

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

First and foremost if it was anybody elses house I will say “We don’t need no water let that Mutha F’er burn!”  Hey now don’t get to upset but sometimes a fire can calm the raging within me, and when I’m upset I always want to put fire on someones chaps.  Wow guess I kinda sorta look like a pyro huh…I assure you I have never burned anything more than a candle,but my imagination is just getting away from me.  So The prompt states “Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?”


My wallet has all my valuable pictures of my immediate family, every now and again I take a gander at them and look at whats most important to me or as a reminder as to why I do what I do.  Its funny the things that you think about and what you actually go through with all for the sake of family.  I however believe that anyone can find a way to make there dreams come true, may take longer as family needs and depends on you at times.

2.  Keys

Where do I think I would be going, My family lives on the other coast and besides my family I don’t have anyone that I think I feel comfortable enough asking if I could stay with them because my digs got burned down.

3. Writings

My poetry is very important to me it kind of in a sense will be whats alive after I am well and gone. If there is an opportunity to recover my life thoughts and works just to pass down when I am long gone for someone to remember me that would be amazing.

4. Bible

I don’t know what it the next to last things but, Im going to tell you that bible has got me through a lot, Maybe this should be the first thing.

5. Glasses

I guess it would be cool to see more

Bottom line, I don’t think that I would need these five things really.  I grew up with less than what I have right now and thats not to say that I have a whole lot now.  But its actually easy for me to pick up and go, so far I have been blessed to have a few things I like and enjoy in my spare time.  Every time I get a chance to start over and be better than I was the last.  But this may require more thought.


6 responses to “The Fire

  1. When we lived in an industrial loft, the fire alarm went off in the building more than once. We lived on the eighth floor. Honestly, I often wonder what I would grab, but when it came down to it, I just grabbed my purse (wallet), keys (had to lock the door), glasses, a pair of shoes, a coat (if it was cold), and my dogs. Important papers, photos, and Bible all got left behind. You cannot take the elevator when there is a fire (or a possible fire). Knowing that I had to walk eight flights to the street, I didn’t stop to pack.

    Burn a candle when you need a little fire 🙂


  2. You are so right! once you take the artistic twist out of it, I guess I sound kind of crazy candles are amazing especially the aroma scented. I guess all that you can do when things are up in flames is grab the most important things. I hope I will not have to actually live through that scene and have to make that choice.

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