I believed in the words you spoke
the silenced ensue
sweet nothings that grew
flames of desire howling
at the moon
pure fire consumed
edges burned
meat tender for the chew
tasting the flavors of life
I was able to digest you
the sunrise against the horizon
as the world slowly turned
and turn it did to a freeze
in slow motion
tagged with potions
of sublime injections
wild reflections of
consensual mind numbing
meet and greets
face to face
sit ins- sit-ons
exploring the world on top
discovering the depths of the sea
you were learning me
but It was I that found you
I will forever rue the day
that I revel anew


4 responses to “Searching

  1. I was thinking of when you find something so precious, so worthwhile that if ever a day came when your met with something new, one would regret the change (that newness) that welcomed you. I was posed with a question, how do you let go of something great for something that potentially could be better.?

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