In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Free Association.”

“Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .
. . . home.
. . . soil.
. . . rain.
Use those words in the title of your post.”

I wish I could just list the words that come to mind when I say Home, Soil, Rain. My thoughts on these words are very intricate and complex. I think of where I am at, when the word home comes up, I am still renting and question why I am not in my home yet. Then again I think out here in NY the houses are over priced and wonder if it would even be worth it to pass on the mortgage to my daughter one day. But at some point you have to start. Soil to me just means replenishment, foundation. You always have to build upon something and strengthen it. Since home is part of this prompt I am still trying to find the connection between my foundation and building a home. Rain is like life. Feeling all its pleasures. I always loved the wind brushing against my face, the sun the permeates warmth, snow is just amazing. I think of all the wonders that life has to give not just naturally but mentally and spiritually. We are truly blessed to wake up every morning and bear witness to the sights of the day.

Right now this is all that comes to mind hope you enjoyed!


4 responses to “Home|Soil|Rain

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