Wont You Come Over?

I was thinking about having a get together at my house.  Some of the greatest intellectual thoughts are bound to birth a variety of perceptions we could talk about.  Only at this time I am very intrigued by most of the bloggers I have come in contact with.  I use to be the guy that started out with random questions and icebreakers but, this group here might just silence me.  For I am in awe.  I am beginning to learn that I am not much different and I hope that they could possibly feel the same way about what I have been spitting out in the universe with little to no grammar checks.  But I guess its a flaw that some of you look past as you read on (and please do continue to read on).  I cant just meet with one person and I do apologize for not including everyone I wish I could I just picked the first 5 from my reader and expressed my joy of their work.  But you should all know who you are I try my best to comment on all the post I read, kind of my mark to let you know that someone (me) was there and appreciates what you have to say.  Thank you to all if I had a field where we could all meet to plant some seeds I would have all of you present.

Alica Anabel Santos, thank you so much for your posts,  your quotes are very thought provoking and when I read them they take me to another place, another thought. I don’t believe in writers block so Ill just say your words fill my mind up with so much that I can never quiet them.  Please come on over for a chat! your post has helped me view things differently

Sam Rappaz, I love your poetry, the way you use your words is beautiful and the photography is breathtaking as well.  I wish someday to bring to my post what you got going on with yours, Please come over for the convergence of minds so we can all learn together. Your post help me appreciate.

KC, Your post have inspired me to do things that I have never imagined, your weekly goal post I have tried this week and so far so good.  Running out of time for a few of the things I have on the list but I am sure I will get it all done by the time the week is over.  Of course I’m counting 7 days instead of the 5 day work week lol that’s not cheating is it.  You to must come over and sit at the table of meeting with the minds.  Your words have definitely helped with my personal growth.

The Schizo Effect, Wow what can I say your post are breath of fresh air, Its almost as if I am wearing no pants 🙂 (hope you get it) Your post are so inviting and your way with words are so seductive.  I have really learned how to take in what not only you but others are saying by your inspiring post quotes and pictures.  You must have a seat at the table as well.

Zareem Martina,  Your post are  so insightful and again help with personal growth and your words are so fluid and beautiful, thought provoking with the images behind it, I really feel like I am watching a dream 🙂 really your post are inspiring and I do wonder how it would be to have you sit at the table as well.

I want to thank you all here and if you haven’t been mentioned again I do apologize but hopefully you will notice that I have commented on most of the post that I have been able to read and plan to continue doing so.   Viewing you all has really helped me learn about myself, increase my thoughts, grow, and understand different points of views, and have given me the luxury of feeling like We are not alone.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”


14 responses to “Wont You Come Over?

  1. You know, you’re so right. There are so many great writers on here it’s almost overwhelming. I think I subscribe to around 40 blogs now. Who would have thunk it! It’s so great that you’re finding so much inspiration here.


  2. I am very happy to do so! I do appreciate everything I gather from your post and I own some of them and share them with the world that go out into daily.


  3. The beautiful things is that they are so diverse and opening a world that maybe I may not have noticed or seen previous. This includes your writings too my friend I appreciate everything that I digest.


  4. Hey it was definitely created by the prompt, but well deserved. I learn from everyone I read. I try to carry a bit of what I learned and sprinkle the world with a variety of greatness. Looks like I have another to check out 🙂


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  6. Whoaaa!! Thank you JMD. I do ‘something’ in my blog and I don’t really know what that is but you seem to like it a lot and that makes all the difference. As Orhan Pahmuk wrote, “Is a painting great for what it is or for what was said about it?” That keeps me and my little blog humble. You are very kind and generous with your time and your comments. I look forward to learning more with you and from you. Also, thanks for linking me to these other great blogs. Cheers!


  7. My pleasure, some will never know their impact on others if it is not voiced. Closed mouths don’t get fed, and as an aspiring writer I would love feedback on my stuff. So I just wanted to show appreciation by way of this prompt which was pretty cool. It really would be interesting to have a dinner with all of my blogger buddies and see what the topic of conversation will entail.

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  8. I hope to come by your blog as often as I can. At present my poetry course is keeping me rather busy so I am not as much on WP as I would like.
    Blogging is all about community and you’re doing that really well.
    You are right – meeting my blogging buddies would be interesting but I wonder if we are as good with words in person as we are on screen. It should still be interesting. Maybe one day! Who knows! 🙂 Cheers.


  9. You know I am very different person in the flesh than in my writing so I am sure the conversations would be great and fun. Like you say who knows.

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