The Quiet Oasis

Inspiration Call: Part of being a good writer is having the ability to describe a scene with words when the reader is not able to visually see it. Describe this scene to your reader.”

Had you been there, you would have thought it your own oasis. Imagine a large body of water, sparkling in the sunlight. Calmly brushed by the wind, directing the rippling waters-distorted kaleidoscope reflection of all it sees. On one side it blends with the well-kept fields halfway circling around, crashing against the edge of the beautifully landscaped green blades of grass and soil that brings it life. Just a few feet away a quaint but solemn bench sits alone as it surveys the beauty like a king ruling over its kingdom. It sits there looking to the other side where beautiful construction rises above the tree brushes and body of water as if it were gazing back at its very own secret, the quiet oasis.


6 responses to “The Quiet Oasis

  1. That’s excellent. Sounds like MY kind of place. I had a really hard time visualizing places in the book Divergent. A lot of her description just did not compute for me. You did a great job with that.


  2. Oh wow. Beautiful description. It evokes the feel of the photo. I especially love the description of the bench surveying the beauty like a king ruling its kingdom.


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