But Aren’t We The Same

I heard what you had to say yesterday
the pain felt anger
condemning those who seek to control the outcome
conveyance of blatant murder
they say the flavor of death has been seasoned
by we who sprinkle tweaks
in audibles of failed reason
claiming it’s ok when we
lo-jacking our young
hi-jacking our minds
we begin to start killing our kind
postponing thoughts of saving countless lives
loosing them to the streets whether it be black on black crime
or mishandled weapons of mass destructions
still we choose when to yell bloody murder
are you with me
there’s bound to be plenty of fruitful nights
lying ahead just around the bend
over there…
yes, and right here
look in your backyards
because while we lay sleep-dormant to the fight
I am still him
and we are still you
lost ones dying in the light
caught in the crosshairs of an uneven life
pitted within the mixture of matchbox realities
and hand grenades
who stands witnesses to those cocktail bombs thrown
at hollowed tree’s and burning crosses
lives hanging in the balance
triggers pulled as chaos runs through the night
maybe we are scared of the fight
too numb to find a way to deliver proper justice
in the hour when no one is looking
I never thought death
a natural happening
would attack before its scheduled time
an unbecoming enemy considering the inevitable
what becomes of…
I am him and we are you
when it causes me to keep check of my neck and shoulders
when it scares the innocent to be stopped by those blue marching soldiers
I understand the notion of those who think we dont know about the countless others
but we do
ill-advised experiences have shown me to save myself so I can write the plight
of unforgotten memories in remembrance of you
at the end of the day we dont need things to be televised
this type of…
well hell
lets just say it happens everyday
and why who is the blame
who should feel ashamed
we continue to let it happen
I use to think it was a choice of lifestyle that caused us not to speak
but its plain to see
theres to many dangers in standing up
when murderers are allowed to roam free
we are afraid and held captive by our own mental trappings
so today will remain to be like yesterday
our past, present and future are written
Miss America-petty thoughts
are we about knowledge or about change
American pain.


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