Master Yourself

I was raised in a single family household.  Nothing but women surrounding me.  Between my mother, my older sister (by one year), my god mother with her four daughters, and my aunt.  All who’ve gave me the most attention they could.  I am a boy so of course I think that would be the differentiating factor on who women spend time and connect with.  I also have two uncles, as great as they are in their own respective rights, I was not really that close to them either.  I guess the main picture I am trying to paint is that of a loner.

Self evaluating, I am trying to determine why I am so damn independent.  Really, no one can tell me nothing, and to be frank about it-I will unfortunately go homeless than ask anyone to help me out.  Besides I never thought within family, help is something you should have to ask for.  But over the years I have learned how closed mouths never get fed.  That still wasn’t the  can opener for me.  You see number one, failure to me is not an option.  I came from nothing and was able to do all of this by myself.  While it may not be a lot for some people, its enough for me to be proud of.  I was inspired by the post “having a bad day” which talked about taking some time for your self, and “7 Tips to Make This a Great Week” this post helps you to try and set goals throughout the week.  I will be trying that  for this week coming Monday.  Then I read post like “Pulling Like a River” it was so thought provoking that I go back to read it from time to time.  These are just the three off top that I remembered why I wanted to write this post.

People Helping People|

Its about learning how to master you.  I guess what I really want to say is, learn how to accept the things that you can’t.  With that said I was working as a Front Office Manager at a hotel, I really went out of my way to help a guest and he wanted to repay me with a random act of kindness.  He wanted to do so by providing a gift.  To me it was unnecessary, I wanted to show that I did not do this for any rewards.  This gentleman became upset and told me “You Americans do not know how to accept any type of gratitude.” This was a very powerful statement to me as I definitely did not mean to offend.  However, my upbringing as I stated before lets you know that I have always been a person that does not accept help from others.  Doesn’t mean I won’t help others just mean I don’t know how to receive  it at this time.

I do believe that you cannot be conquered by anyone if you can conquer yourself.  I guess the saying that closely matches this is “If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.”  Think of this in a sense if you can’t stand for who you are you will fall for whatever someone tells you you are.  Now what do you think about that statement.  We come across people who have their opinions and we are so worried about how they will feel about ours that you kind of cascade to the background becoming scenery, blending so that maybe they will accept you if you disagree.  Truth is we have to listen to each other, understand perspective and simply agree to disagree.

I can’t imagine living a life where everyone in the world is just like me.  All things are  fruitful towards your growth and if we are truly to respect ourselves, and everyone else that surrounds us remember that everyone of us are human, we’ve all had our experiences and our lessons.  Its through each other that we actually become great.


9 responses to “Master Yourself

  1. True, its very important to know thyself and build on those values. Although every one has different values/traditions etc so it can get tricky to sometimes uphold yours without offending those of others.
    Well written. Cheers.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to read. We all have things we would like to do. Its been my path to just try and be the best me I can be and I found in a book somewhere about conquering self and kind of latched. You are right it is different for everyone but the outcome should all be the same at the end if we are able to achieve.

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  3. “Think of this in a sense if you can’t stand for who you are you will fall for whatever someone tells you you are.”

    I very much agree with that and if we all tended to be more honest, I think there’s a whole lot of us that would admit we’re all in the same boat. As far as receiving the gift, I personally think receiving is the one of the hardest things in the world. I, too, tend to be one of those “pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps” kind of people. I don’t know how to receive graciously. It’s something worth learning, though, I suspect.

    This was a very well thought-out post. I really like your reflections.


  4. What you said about knowing yourself is thought provoking. I agree that if we don’t know who we are, we might fall prey to being who other people say we are. I used to be worried about what other people thought so much that I was often afraid to be the real me. I wanted to please people and I wanted them to like me. Now, I try to stand for what I believe and voice my opinions.

    I wasn’t raised in a single parent home – and wow you were surrounded by a lot of women – but I was taught to “pull myself up by my bootstraps”. I still find it difficult to ask for help, but I am learning. It might be part of our American culture of individualism and self-sufficiency that makes us feel this way.

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  5. Yes, just like the Batman movie, “why do we fall,…to get back up” help is something that I am learning to accept haven’t quite got the asking for it part. Might throw a tantrum like a lil baby if the answer is not in my favor haa ha

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  6. Thank you so much for taking the time out to come check out my words. It is amazing how fast things change when you put a little bit of self awareness out in the universe. I understand I am not always right, but sometimes I pray for the wisdom to be right 🙂 doesn’t always work out that way though.


  7. I’m also independent and never ask for help, but I receive a gift with great pleasure whatever it is, because it tells that people care about me. They are showing their esteem with it, and this moves me.

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  8. Yes I am continuing to learn that every action has a reaction, and the one that shows appreciation is the one that you have to humbly accept because people don’t really have to do anything, so the fact that they want to means a lot


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