Just Trying to Post Something

I was having trouble today thinking of what to write about, its 12:44AM here in NYC and I can’t get to sleep because I haven’t posted anything yet.  So I do apologize about the length but I thought I would share a quote with you all to help you to keep posting, even in the event that you get to the point where you just don’t have anything spitting out of you at the moment.enhanced-buzz-16049-1383068282-0


9 responses to “Just Trying to Post Something

  1. Reblogged this on themissiontomars and commented:
    OH, i apologize here to Blogging 101 community, couldn’t keep up with my assignments. but as part of yesterday’s assignment, i came across this post…worth reading and one with a tremendous hidden teaching. I appreciate this so much and thanks JMD for sharing this. am glad i have you on my blog.. 🙂

    Wow…its an amazing thought, and i so agree to it… let it be an untold story or a confession, even a secret, just anything, if left inside, is the biggest pain, biggest agony..
    Specially in a world, where Tomorrow never comes”.. just speak out, whatever you have, to people who mean to you, to those who count on you, who love you through ups and downs of life…just say….maybe tomorrow never comes …


  2. Yeah, you don’t understand my struggle I get home just thinking of what to write. Something insightful something worth someone taking their time to look at so I was looking at a few quotes maybe to find some inspiration came across this quote and just though Let me just tell everyone what my problem is. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate and for reblogging I think like you said its a very amazing thought.

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  3. I have this quote written down. I have this one posted on a note on my desk: A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song. We sure can’t wait for all the answers to sing, can we… Like the stories, those songs are just stuck inside us! Thanks for posting this. Think I’ll look for one of my quotes to do today.


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