Dream Chasers


the single breath that shadows my existence.

Immortality survives through visions, encoding … decoding
veracity, attesting truth, predetermined fantasies…reveries

I marvel at dreams creative desire to live on
through multiple realities of life, defining truth
“Carpe Diem”

raging against the dying of the light,
magical chariots battling courageously to find balance with knights

Rolling clouds drift in, drift out
noting excitement with boisterous thunder, rain, and snow

With the wind whistling along side supporting both sides of the fight
Time waits for none,

slowly dying to live silently kills the breath of life
the will to be

I choose the latter
and continue to dwell in the heart of eternal sleep

to awake later in realities form of my greatest dream.

To the dream chasers…


12 responses to “Dream Chasers

  1. Thanks for your comments and taking the time to read. Really appreciate it, I have tried my hardest to get this as close to my vision as possible.


  2. “Immortality survives through…encoding…” I couldn’t help thinking that might be a very GOOD thing or a very BAD thing depending on how it’s used. Very much enjoyed this poem.


  3. “…raging against the dying of the light,
    magical chariots battling courageously to find balance with knights…” I love your use of imagery, very minimal use of language and yet so vivid. The layout of your blog is super cool too 🙂


  4. You are too kind! but I absolutely love that you liked this so much it really speaks to the dreamers out there and hopefully they will read this and dream on.


  5. Thanks I found that picture on pixabay, been trying to figure out how to post something that I could use it with.


  6. Im so happy you enjoyed this poem. You know I never thought of it being a bad thing. But now that you bring that perspective I must tell you I got some cooking going on upstairs lol lets see if I can use that to my advantage for the next piece 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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