Be True To Yourself

It has been amazing just getting back to the basics.  I mean a major part of me wanted to think that I was distracted, perhaps growing in a different direction.  How could that be, I’ve realized everything I thought was missing was located promptly around the corner at the very edge of my mind in plain view.  It was like I was trying not to see it.  What happens when your dreams surpasses your ability to grow with it.  It branches out without you even working towards that expectation.  At some point you learn that you have to get back to the basics.  Which is a hard realization to come to.  I mean think about it, your goals are a little bit bigger than what need be at this point.Sometimes you have to sit and let your foundation stand the test of time and get you where you are trying to go.  My dreams started off as wanting to be an author, actually published a few pieces and  think, hot damn I’m a  rockstar.  Not a piece that was paid for, but just the thought that I was a published Poet! mission accomplished.  I thought, wow it is so hard for a major publishing house to notice you that I might as well start my own.  Lets dabble in self-publishing, but wait, if I self publish I would only be publishing my own work.  Wouldn’t it be great if I opened up shop and helped others to get their voice out.  I should become a publisher of my own newspaper, grow it to become the one stop shop publishing house that can do it all, traditional, pod, vanity, music etc….wait I said music I might as well start a magazine too.  You know what would look good on my resume, I have studied communications so I can consult on a wide variety of topics and help disseminate messages.  All these thoughts flow through your mind and in the end you get stagnate, you cannot move forward you are focusing on to many things that you remain where you started.  So I guess in the end of everything the point is if you are a writer focus on writing and let your work elevate you to your rightful position.  If your a plumber, plumb a salesman sale.  If you read the book by Paulo Coelho- The Alchemist an important message is that the universe will conspire.  So if your ever in doubt reflect on what you truly want to do and you will realize that somewhere down the line your dream grew and the further it grew the farther you got away from the essence of what you were meant to do in this world.




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