Do You Even Know When…

Hello friends, I am back at it again.  Hey that has a good flow to it, kinda of in a good mood while I sit on the toilet typing my life away.  But you ever know the feeling when you have to get something out?  No, never mind that I’m on the toilet, I mean mentally when your thinking about something really Shitty! and just have to get it off your chest?  Well I like to think of myself as a blunt person, even worse to the people I love they have to take me raw and uncut.  You know what that was going to be my tagline, but thats besides the point.  What I really wanted to talk about today was this-Do you know when your being rude?

I mean you don’t actually mean to be rude, and you really thought about how you were going to say it, of course before you did-and then it came out all wrong.  Then you get upset because the person your trying to convince, help, swindle, whatever the case may be just doesn’t get what your trying to say. So you play a game of merry go round and spit out everything from metaphors to double entendre’s to try to get a point across that really doesn’t even matter because it was about dinner, gas, taking out the trash.

Do you notice yourself just getting upset for nothing, but in your mind your calm and peaceful but on the outside your frantic and angry throwing things around screaming and such.  Well maybe not that much but the person your talking to is trying to convince you that thats how your acting so you are going kinda crazy because in your mind you know you have a problem, you know you tried to say it in a nice way but the person receiving the message just heard it as…Fuck you, your family, the dog, the house, annnnd and the pot you piss in yea just go fuck yourself….I’m out! and they totally just check out for the day.


Thing I am getting at is this.  Sometimes we have to be mindful not only of the the things that we say to people but we have to be mindful also on how we receive a message.  Sometimes we get confused and think that when we are being addressed that someone is ultimately talking about us and stating something they dislike.  Truth is most times I try to give some insight I am first and foremost always talking about my experiences.  I would always get defensive because hey I’m talking about me, why are you made about my failure and how I feel about me, Im just trying to give insight on how I tried to fix it.

Sometimes we need people to call us out on what we are doing wrong so we can begin to do them right, not necessarily in ones way or image but just knowing you done something wrong and have to fix it.  I think thats whats friends are all about.  You are going to tell me about myself when I don’t want to hear it.  Im not going to like it but know that bit of info is coming from a good place, and try to work on myself in my own image.

Sometimes we just have to meet people on their level.  It is interesting on how sensitive we are. If we just sit back and look at ourselves.  We can always find a way to be upset about something from the way person said hello, to how someone we didn’t know looked at us.  Sometimes things are really as they seem and sometimes they are not, and the experiences we go through throughout life should help us determine this.


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