When did it become hit and runs
championing trophies, divide and conquest? How
How was our beauty destroyed?
leaving dormant ignored simplicities, conversations
noticing ones pet peeve, just noticing
admiring, hearing
sweet symphonic sound in your laughter.
How did we start putting sex before sex?
Why complicate the value in investments
erroneously plundering and pillaging,
adventurous, lust compelling,
guts for glory just for a sacred feeling to feel.
Is there really no face?
Really, no place… where’s the chase
the worth while,
knowing you, before I know you,
knowing how to like you for you!
How can one determine worth
when countless others have tried
to show me for you.
I am at a loss
beginning to think
this is how the world should treat you, Really?
despite inherent deep crested values
I will have created, birthed, more than a being
but a way to defy and define the essence and legacy our name holds
one day my daughter, son
and I will have to live with
the world we have helped shape, rather convinced.
how can I impart knowledge for you to look at me the same
as I look at you
how can I instill forever in that
I pray that control and discipline
continue to direct me
in the way of valuing so i can be
the reason for my own not to
devalue more than me but
sense of self.

Photo By John Hain|pixabay.com



12 responses to “Father

  1. Thanks so much for your comment and taking the time to check out this poem. I am looking at a number of things differently since my daughter was born, I just want to give her the best of me you know and these thoughts kind of just popped up.

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  2. That’s exactly what came through. You have a way with words! Well written! I am sure parenthood changes everything… congratulations on being a dad 🙂


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