Congrats! Welcome & Thank You

So far speaking with you, or privately digesting your words until I muster up just enough strength, just enough, to find wisdom and courage to figure out things in my own life, has been an ultimate experience that I really was hoping for. goodness-440313[1]For this alone I say congratulations on all the beautiful creations you have delivered. I welcome you to take this ride on the revolving rollercoaster, seesaw, merry-go-round, web of complex and emotionally charged stifling journey that lies ahead. I will either persevere or fall back into that 360 degree infinite route of doing things as I’ve always done. Partake and contribute. For this I say Namaste, you are all truly welcomed here. Last but not least, I want to thank you all for being apart of my growth, for commenting, for sharing, for helping me and countless others to build themselves up, and start building on the foundation that they have laid in probably some of the countless efforts that only those close and dear may know.


Now this post is being created due to the Blogging101 course that I am currently apart of, I don’t know if I would have thought to show my appreciation otherwise. But know that my words are genuine. A few more things that I would like to work on is being able to give constructive criticism. I know what I like and for a writer not to be able to say more than that to me is probably inexcusable, but as I continue to work on myself I promise to continue to let your words work on me. I am so excited about this post because I believe it will be one of many today, Im thinking of at least two more post to show my interest in photography and poetry. (the poetry will probably be something of olde, only because I have to get my mind right to create those pieces) nonetheless I do sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to say and my promise is to continue to be true to me and give you what I got. And for that… the ultimate thanks for giving me a place to really be me. Raw, Unedited and random as I am.

Best wishes to you all,



2 responses to “Congrats! Welcome & Thank You

  1. Well said! And you site is amazing! I am in hopes of getting mine to a point of beauty and creativity as well as uniqueness such as yours!


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