Say It Loud|Say It Proud

Hello Family! My name is Jamarow and you are now experiencing with full style and grace… Behind The Eyes| Memoirs Of Eclectic Perceptions.  There I said it both names in one brief statement.  Is it really my coming out party though?  I feel the same.  So I think after my post last night I have grown a whole lot.  Many of your post titles and tag lines were brilliance kept with perfect company.  I swear I wanted to steal all your greatness and cast aside everything I wanted to do.  Point is, I was ready to change my mind, instead I chose to accept my title and tag, which may seem easy for the rest of you brilliant folks out there but for me, I wanted to be brilliant too! I really enjoyed the title and tag, but is it brilliant? I guess the only one that can define that is me since it is my production.  My only hope was that a few of you could enjoy it, and understand what you would be getting yourselves into here.

So I have a few goals that I am trying to figure out, the most important being a publisher of great works, but first project is a community paper.  Other goals are to continue writing and perfecting the craft, some

Photo By Aurélien bellanger|

photography, and just some randomness sprinkled around.  Hopefully you will get to read some inappropriate things and hopefully I can make you feel, all the colors of that emotional rainbow. (take a journey with me)  Lastly I guess I just want to get another view and see if I can harbor some good relationships with people that are like minded but vastly different enough to handle some things that I will probably have to ask for forgiveness for saying.

So like I stated with the first post, this blog is really simply put -all about me,  in a sense of what I see, what I feel, and hopefully with your help I will be able to grow change my mind about a few things and hopefully in the end change yours.  I guess a give and take relationship is what its all about.  I have lived with the struggle of defining certain things, and what they mean to me, only to see in the interim, what I thought today, is totally different from what I will think tomorrow.  So to bring this to an end I will quote what one of my colleagues stated during one of our not so deep but deep conversations.

“If you place expectations on people, you will always be let down.  Try meeting people at their level and you will find that you learn from them as much as they will learn from you.”

I happen to agree with that statement who heartedly we all grow and experience at very rapidly and distinguishable paces.  We are constantly changing and evolving and the people that you surround yourself around may not only bring the worst out of you but they can also bring out the best.

I hope you enjoy the post.




10 responses to “Say It Loud|Say It Proud

  1. Personally, I like your blog name and tagline. I learn a lot from other bloggers, but I try not to compare what I do to what they do. It’s better when I just do my own thing.

    I like the quote. Very wise words 🙂


  2. Great post. 🙂 Thanks. I’m sort of rolling through a bunch of our blogging 101 peers feeds as per day 3’s instructions and just looking for people with similar styles and like-minded perspectives. Got you followed, keep up the great writing!


  3. Thanks so much for your comments, really do feel like I’m doing something right now. It is so hard for me not to compare. It really has nothing to do with being better rather than feeling like I could be good enough. Its funny the things you find out about yourself in just a matter of a few words. Again thanks for your comment, I will be sure to check you out as well.

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  4. Yes, we do change and evolve constantly, the universe grows and evolves many times per second, but there are things that we need to keep true. That is true to ourselves, staying original, staying authentic, and like you wrote, keep giving and keep taking. It’s about balance, isn’t it? Your writing has many layers and even though you wrote in simple English, it is complex to understand on a superficial level. So keep on writing, and keep on intriguing us. 🙂


  5. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. You know I started to blog for my love of writing and committing to invest in things I enjoy. Some people around me cannot figure this concept out especially why it is becoming so important to me, well writing always was, any how this has been an amazing experience to help with identifying what I like and stand for and furthering a commitment to that. The road to self discovery flourishes in many ways and I am happy to say that I have realized a lot about myself and others through this bit of transition and its a joy. The fact that others like yourself can read my words, understand, and comments is a beautiful thing to me. So I thank you for your time and your comment is very much appreciated.

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  6. I really like your openness, and I feel I can hear you talking just through reading your posts. I personally love when writers can master that, and I can tell you have such an open heart. I’m excited for more of what you’ll produce. So all the photos/media in your posts- are they all original pieces or can I find them elsewhere to admire? They are cool!


  7. Unfortunately not wish I could take credit. My post Out & About, that was all my shots. Others I have found and marveled at. Check out and

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