Behind The Eyes

Sometimes it is very hard to be your own person. ¬†Commit to self made ideals and travel the journey that you have mapped out for yourself. ¬†Well if not, you’ve got a head start on me. I find a million things to focus on for everyone else but me. “Behind The Eyes” will be my coming out party. The one place where I can be all about me, my joys, my sorrows, my understanding. Quite literally it will be the window to my soul. Memoirs Of Eclectic Perceptions. With this blog I hope to share my passions my views cry, laugh, grow, and most of all become a better writer. I am a survivor of 2014 and this year I want to make sure that I am not only enjoying others but finding a way to enjoy myself.

It is time to put my aspirations out there in the universe and see them multiply. I want to converse with many people, gain understanding, share my experiences with the world and finally make a commitment and invest in it whole heartedly. What is the acronym across all social media platforms, “#allin” I was looking for a picture that really represented my understanding of the journey at this moment, almost like a mirage, I see whats at the end of the tunnel but cannot dig deep enough to persevere through those travels and just make it.It seems like every step forward you take, your treasure backs up twenty feet further. This year I promised myself I would be determined to make it happen.

Blogging 101 is my start to the commitment I have made for myself and I hope that it will help me prove myself first and foremost to Me! After all if you cannot be happy with yourself, can you really be happy with anything, or anyone else?

Well I hope you all take this enjoying ride of growth and camaraderie with me. And I definitely look forward to be inspired by all of you.



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